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The Company, founded in 1959 as a pioneer industry, was one of the first spring manufacturing facilities in India to employ automatic machinery.The plant specializes in high precision springs manufactured for a wide spectrum of rigorous industrial applications.

The high norm of quality products manufactured by the company over the past 3 decades have established the organization as one of the leading suppliers of precision springs in the Indian subcontinent. In 1968, the company was established as a Private Limited Entity. In 1984, a new unit was started in Pune for the manufacture of valve springs principally for the automobile industry. Two fully automated production lines were set up which handle the manufacture of this springs for an extensive array of customers. The range of spring products that may be manufactured on this automated production line is quite vast. Wire diameters may vary from 2.00 mm to 6.00 mm, thereby serving a significant cross section of the overall market.

All types of high precision springs of exacting quality are produced for applications such as : Automobiles, Electrical apparatus, Diesel engines and Pneumatic machinery. In addition, these springs have been extensively marketed for fuel injection, valve, armament and Space research requirements.

In 1991, the company began the manufacture of small precision springs with ranges between wire diameters of 0.2 mm to 2.00 mm. These springs include Torsion and Tension varieties and are produced using highly specialized automated machinery. These springs are marketed extensively in the areas of Electrical assemblies,Pneumatic assemblies and varied applications which include armament manufacture, low pressure gas cylinders, miniature circuit breakers and computer sub assemblies to name only a few.

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