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Our extensive testing department comprises of:
  • QC/Technical Support
    The highly educated and experienced workforce is composed of Design Engineers, Production Engineers, Production Planners, Metallurgical Engineers,Inspectors,Foremen, Setters and the skilled workmen. Due to the extensive automation implemented in all areas of this facility,the total headcount has effectively been maintained at approximately 75 employees.
  • Procedures/testing Details
    In the manufacture of springs,as with engineered products, in order to sustain and increase market share, quality is of the essence. High quality wire for the manufacture of springs is purchased.The manufacturing facilities in Pune dispose of a comprehensive quality control department which is well equipped to perform a wide variety of tests.
  • Other Information
    Sophisticated machinery from various part of the world offer unparalleled testing facilities. These tests include chemical analysis, microscopic testing, load testing and fatigue testing. In addition, the facilities are available for the third party testing of all goods prior to dispatch.


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